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Business Overview

THK Consulting Services is leading Consulting firm specialised in Salesforce outsourcing.

We began with a well-defined objective of bridging the demand-supply gap in the staffing function by procuring the right people for our clients, our office are located in Hyderabad, kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore.


Bridging the demand-supply gap in the staffing function by procuring the right people for our clients.


Thk enables you to transform your organization and improve deliverables . We aim to empower you to respond more quickly and intuitively to changing market dynamics. By right skill set , we help you become more agile and competitive.

What we provide

We simplify the process and navigate the intricacies of all legal rules and regulations for you at the most competitive rates.


THK brings deep industry insight, proven customer solutions experience. THK have delivered some of the most inventive and complex projects around the world.e age of disruption, Cloud is the foundation for digital agility,enabling us to do more with less, and accelerating the pace of human growth. THK helps you harness the Salesforce to create delightful experiences, open new avenues of collaboration, and optimize your value chain to generate profit and growth.



AWS Cloud Infrastructure Creates a Scalable, Secure Environment. The modern cloud infrastructure implemented by THK not only enabled quick resource provisioning for remote location but also reduced our client’s time to market by 40% for new applications and analytics features.

React JS, Node JS

The main difference between Node. js and React. js is, while Node. js a back-end framework, React is used for developing user interfaces. Still, they both have advantages and disadvantages, as well as particular use cases.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central

THK cloud services provide the foundation for a new and dedicated group centered on Microsoft cloud solutions with an integrated offering across all three of Microsoft's business clouds: Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365.

Software Testing (Functional, Automation, Security, Integration)

In the digital order of light-speed releases, trends in QA and testing align closely with those in software development. Ensuring a seamless customer experience is now a top QA priority. So decision-makers are turning their attention to the role of software quality in optimizing customer experience.The THK testing practice is built on the foundation of audacious imagination -to deploy Zero Defect product to the production to. Our proving grounds are powered by robust, proprietary tools and software testing frameworks that are now industry standards.


Product Engineering(.Net, PHP, Java)

Our team provides a guided success journey for startups or enterprises, helping with the entire product engineering process.

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